What’s coming in 2016

Posted by Gjermund Bjaanes on December 31, 2015

2015 was a great year for me! I learned so much about web development and my craft in general. I want to use this blog post to write about what is coming here in 2016.


I started this blog in January 2015, setting out to write about Programming, Productivity and Lifestyle.

It started out as Maximum Developer, and later turned into a more personal blog, to allow me to write about whatever I wanted.

I am very proud of what I have achieved here. Not in terms of reader numbers. Not in terms of money, “fame” or whatever either. But instead in terms of what I have learned. That I actually have a blog with over 50 posts in 1 year.

I am proud that I did what I set out to do!

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So what’s next for the blog?

If I did what I set out to do, then what is next?


I am not quitting, and I have a few thoughts on what I want to focus on going forward.



I want to keep blogging, because I benefit greatly from it. Writing and teaching is a fantastic way to learn more yourself (and get better at writing too).

I really want to bring forward great content, hopefully every week. I will try to put out a blog post every week.

I am not going to guarantee exactly what kind of content there will be, but I want to focus more on IoT and my smart house project.

There will surely be more about web development, specifically Angular related content.


I am going to continue to write about things I learn.

But most importantly I am going to write about things I care about. Which was the entire point of the re-branding I did earlier this year.


To summarize, here are some keywords that describe the type of content I want to bring to the blog:

This list might change over the course of the year, of course, but the general plan right now is to focus on these cool topics (after all, they are the topics I personally care most about right now).



After re-branding from Maximum Developer to my own name, I also changed the theme and design of the site. However, I am not completely happy with it. The look is kind of bland.

A new logo, a new design and new content will surely spice up the blog a lot. Looking forward to that!


Final Words for 2015

Thank you all so much for reading my blog this last year. I am committed to make it even better in 2016.

Keep learning, keep working out and for Gods sake, Always Be Coding!


Happy New Year!

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