About Me

This is what I do.

My name is Gjermund Bjaanes. I am 25 years old, born and raised in Norway. I am a developer, geek and enthusiast in general. I’m passionate about programming and software engineering in general. Currently I focus on web development and mobile development on my free time.

I am a software engineer and developer by trade and by passion.

I have always had a very enthusiastic interest for computers, dated to when I was little. It became  an obsession for programming, IT, gadgets and new technology. I love being a developer, and that is why I do it as much as I can!

Other than that; In my spare time I like to code, read, cook, hang out with friends and to work out.

In the last few years, I’ve had quite the journey from a young geek to a professional developer.

I was an IT trainee for 2 years, where I got some valuable work experience with servers, customer support and general infrastructure.

After that I started studying at Vestfold University College for my Bachelor in Computer Engineering. For my final project I wrote an app (native for both iOS and Android) called Roommates, aimed at people in a shared housing environment.

I am currently employed at Flatirons Norge (of Flatirons Solutions Inc.) as a Software Engineer. I work mostly with Java and related web technologies (Javascript, Angular, etc). I find it thrilling to develop software that people use!