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Understanding Ethereum Smart Contracts

You might have heard the term “smart contract,” and you might even know that they are “code” you can run on a blockchain.

But how can you run code on a blockchain? It’s not the easiest concept to wrap your head around.

This post explains how smart contracts work on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Basic understanding of programming will help as this post contains some code - although the examples a simple.

BeaconMQTT - Bring context to your home automation system

I recently released a brand new app on the Google Play store: BeaconMQTT.

The problem it solves is simple enough: Integrate Bluetooth Beacons into home automation systems.

Innovation at the speed of fail

Failure is fundamental to the success and speed of innovation. How? Let me explain.

Blockchain - What is it good for?

I recently held a 20 minute talk at a developer conference here in Norway. The conference was JavaZone, and the talk was titled “Blockchain - what is it good for?”

Picks of the Month - July 2017

Welcome to Picks of the month, where I share a few things I have found useful the last month.

It can be anything from blog posts and software tools to books and techniques.