Preview Release of Extreme Results

Posted by Gjermund Bjaanes on August 3, 2016

After more than a year as a great side project, Extreme Results is finally ready for a preview release!

Extreme Results Preview Release


Extreme Results is a web app for a productivity system called Agile Results.

In short, Agile Results is a goal oriented system focused on results, not tasks.

You can read more about both Agile Results and the web app here:

Extreme Results Writeup


Extreme Results Overview

Extreme Results aims to make Agile Results much simpler to implement. You get contextual help, like related outcomes and reflections when creating your daily outcome.

It also gives you one location to implement your Agile Results.

I use the web app every day, and it has been shaped out of a personal need for a more complete solution than the market currently offers (hint: it offers nothing today).


If you want to try out the preview release of Extreme Results, head over and sign up!

Extreme Results Preview Release

And just to make it clear: I am in no way associated with Agile Results, Getting Results the Agile Way or the creators of said products.


Open Source

As with basically everything I do, Extreme Results is completely Open Source.

The are many reasons for this:

  • I love Open Source software
  • I want anyone to view and learn things from what I’ve done
  • I want anyone to be able to work on this project
  • I want anyone to be able to teach me things

If you want to get involved, please just let me know.

I’ll be happy to work with people on this project.

Evey line of code is on Github:



If you have any feedback at all, let me know! Ideas, bugs or thoughts. Come with them!

Contact me by email: bjaanes [at] gmail [dot] com

On twitter: gjermundbjaanes

Create an issue on Github.

Or just leave a comment right here:

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