Picks of the Month - February 2017

Posted by Gjermund Bjaanes on March 3, 2017

Welcome to Picks of the month, where I share a few things I have found useful the last month.

It can be anything from blog posts and software tools to books and techniques.


#1 Calm

Calm Logo

I have previously used the fantastic mindfulness app and service called Headspace, but I wanted a change. I felt like I needed something… I don’t know. Something different. Calm was just that. Calm provided a brand new perspective to mindfulness that has helped my practice. My daily mindfulness experience is much richer thanks to Calm.

I am not saying that Calm is necessarily much better than Headspace. It’s just different. So if you have been thinking about getting started, try Calm yourself!

The thing that makes Calm different from Headspace is that there is more diversity in the series and types of meditations it offers. There is also a new meditation with a new topic on self-improvement every single day!

Like Headspace, Calm is not free. But if you are serious about mindfulness, spirituality, stress-relief or any of the other benefits of mindfulness, I think it’s a great investment. It’s one of the easiest bills I pay.

Calm on Android

Calm on iOS


#2 Bose QC35

Bose QC35

I recently flew to Shanghai for work and wanted some noise canceling for the long flights. So I did the natural thing and bought the “popular” headset, Bose QC35. Oh, man, the popular choice is popular for a reason! The sound is quite good, and the noise canceling is very impressive. It takes the edge of the noise on the plane. They are also incredibly comfortable for a long time. I wore them for 10 hours, and it was only slightly uncomfortable. Not bad.

These are quite expensive, they are like $350, but they might just be worth it.

Reviews.com agree: The Best Bluetooth Headphones

They call them the best over-ear BT Headphones: “This lightweight pair of headphones sounds great, filters out noise, and gently cushions your head.”


#3 Jose’ Picks of the Month!

My pal Jose just created his first Picks of the Month, inspired at least slightly by mine! Man, I am proud! He even was kind enough to mention me in his first one. This blog was actually the very first pick. Weee! Feel’s good!

Picks of the Month – Feb 2017 on Mind Body Soul Developer

This pick is not only that post but also his blog as a whole, which is excellent! He takes up so many great topics which are dear to my heart: development, productivity, lifestyle, exercise. If you want to learn to be a better programmer and person, check out his blog!


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