I don’t have time for it all!

Posted by Gjermund Bjaanes on October 25, 2015

I feel this constant pressure to do so many things! Things I feel i have to do. Things I feel I should do. Things I just want to do- I never have time for it all. I never get to do all the things.

Just like everyone else.

I want to program on my side projects. I want to write blog posts. I want to spend more time with my girlfriend and dog. I want to mediate. I want to relax with games. I want to hang out with friends. I want to read technology news. I want to listen to podcasts. I want to do it all, and so much more.

I want to do so many things, but the time is just never there. It always falls short. I always fall short.



How to deal with this?

How can I deal with this? Should I sleep less? Be more productive? Do less? Strive for less?

How this actually works is that I have to choose every day which things I can do. And it never feels right to down-prioritize something. I just don’t like it. But if I didn’t, something important would end up not getting done.

Not having time to do all the things you want to do is extremely frustrating. I also think it is very human to want to do more than you can ever realize.

The only thing I can really do is to prioritize, stay productive (facebook, away!), and try to feel good about it all. The last part is actually the most difficult part of it all. Feeling good about not doing something I want to doesn’t come naturally to me. So I have to practice that. Practice feeling fine with all the things I never get to do.


Possible “solution”: Agile Results

I use a productivity system called Agile Results. It actually helps out quite a bit with this. It forces you focus and prioritize what things you want to achieve for the day. You have to pick three really important things every day. It is a great way to remove clutter and get important things done.

I want you to try it for a few days. Write down three things you want to have done by the end of the day. Three goals for the day. Then try to get them done. You might find you manage to do more things, but at least I think you will find that you do the important things every day.



If you have any good advice on these issues, please let me know.

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